Saying goodbye to Meeny & Miney

I can barely type because of this God-awful rash on my hand.  It doesn’t look bad but it is making me miserable.  I think it is stress induced and is an irritating distraction to my day.

I have been taking tests since I did my trigger shot a couple weeks ago.  You can see all my pictures here. I have known for the last few days that things were not looking good.  I haven’t seen even the hint of a second line on any of my tests in several days.  I took 4 tests this morning before I went to go get my blood drawn.  I took the digital just to be sure.  I knew that there was no way that I was going to have something show up on a blood test today with tests that looked like that.  They were taken two hours before my blood draw.

I have mentally been preparing myself for the bad news.  I have not felt pregnant at all.  I know that early pregnancy symptoms can be confused but I have been pregnant a few times and know my body pretty well.  I started thinking bad thoughts when the chocolate cravings and nasty moods started.  I have really bad PMS and I always get very grouchy (that’s a nice way of putting it) right before my period shows.

Anyway, the nurse called me a couple hours ago.  I am not pregnant.  I need to stop taking my injections now.  I still have to go in for one more blood draw on Monday just to be sure but I am sure it’s over.  I am not up to posting about what’s next because I am too emotional today and honestly I just don’t know.

Goodbye my precious Meeny & Miney.

From Mommy Moo

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  • ooh Patty! I’m so sorry it didn’t work out. Bug hugs to you and I’ll be praying for you.

  • Patty, I understand what you are going through. That was me just 2 weeks ago. I went in for my test and I was all happy and excited and then it came back negative. I am praying for you!!! I understand what you are going through.