The Christmas countdown is on!

There are only 6 days now (in NZ anyway), until Christmas Day!  It seems to have snuck up on me this year, I guess because I’ve had so much else going on – and particularly in the past few months… it seems like it was only Gaby’s birthday a few weeks ago – yet, we are now in the final week countdown!!!!  Luckily for me, Gaby doesn’t understand how close Christmas is – because I remember how much me & Terri (sister) annoyed Mum & Dad when we were kids, and Christmas was oh-so-close!!!

The plan for Christmas day (so far) is that we (Gaby & I) will stay at my parents house on Christmas Eve, to save having to pack up and head over part way through the morning.  My Aunty & Uncle (Deb & Mark) will be there, along with Rikki & Sarah (cousin & his g/f) – and then around 2.30pm, my sister’s flight will land – and she’ll be on her way over!  Gaby is going with her father at 11am, probably until around 3pm – which will make things easier for us, as we’re waiting until my sister arrives, to open a bulk of the presents… so it won’t be such torture for Gaby, if she isn’t there!

What started out as a ‘simple’ Christmas Day menu, has ended up rather large – with delights including:
Ham (one of Debbie & Marks pigs, which got hammified – aptly he was named ‘Ham’…)
Turkey (the only Christmas meat I eat..)
New potatoes (fresh from Dad’s garden)
Baby carrots (fresh from Dad’s garden)
Peas (fresh from the freezer.. lol)
Lettuce salad (ala Debbie)
Macaroni salad (my Mum is FAMOUS for her Mac Salad! BUT she’s letting me make it!)
Trifle (a must have apparently, though I don’t like it, and can’t eat due to the alcohol!)
Cheesecake (ala Debbie)
Fruit Salad (ala Sarah & Rikki.. well, Sarah.. I’m sure Rikki will watch though)
Ambrosia (my baby!  my favourite Christmas dessert treat!)

… I can just see all the bloated stomachs, come 3pm, already!

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