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Our “Blighted Ovum” Turns One!

It is so hard to believe that the baby we thought we’d never meet for two whole very difficult weeks has just turned one bright and beautiful year old. I can not forget the miracle of a mothers instinct, the feeling that came over me telling me that my baby was alive and that I…

It’s a girl!!!!

=I was spot on!  Had my ultrasound today, and it looks like I’m going to be the proud Mama of two girls now!  Yeap – this little one is also a girl!!!!!  The ultrasound was a mixed bag – found out the sex, but she was either asleep, or just very relaxed and stayed in…

Grrrr…& the fever broke the straw on the camel’s back.

Yeah, so besides having to deal w/ all the intense emotions of my mother’s surgery & Mamama going back to Argentina, Ian has to go get a fever. Really? Seriously? Tonight is going to be a long night. Every 3 hrs w/ Tylenol/Advil rotation since he has a history of seizures. I was hoping we…

Love IT!

I’m still here bloggy stalkers umm I mean people!  I’ve been taking care of my children who have been sick, celebrating a divalicious first birthday, and digging my nose into my new hobby digi-scrapping!  I really am falling in love with the ease of making pages and every day I’m learning a new technique and…

Why Not?

The why stage has begun. Not asking why here – just being a dinosaur. I’ve always known of the stage that kids just constantly ask why

Childbirth – It should be a magical moment every time

Since I have been part of JustMommies for over 5 years I have seen a lot of discussions about childbirth.  I have had two medicated vaginal births, an emergency csection, an unmedicated vbac, a really long and arduous childbirth, a really fast labor, and childbirth that didn’t go according to plan more than once.  I…

"We’re not angry, just disappointed"

I heard a young girl talking on the radio, about her parents finding out that she is dating a 22 year old (she’s 16), when they asked what her parents said, she replied “we’re not angry – we’re disappointed”…. and suddenly a montage of my teen years flashed before my eyes.  Before she said the…

Why I don’t charge for my photography work

It’s not that I don’t want to make money doing it, because I really do.  Making money means I’d be able to justify the purchase of more equipment.  It’s hard to spend thousands of dollars on equipment for just a hobby.  But at the same time, I don’t want to charge anyone for less than…

Bella’s hat.

So I decided to try out knitting and made Bella a hat! The pattern, well it sucked. John says it could just be my fault the hat came out nothing like it said it would since it was my first try at knitting, but just in case its not my fault I’ll keep the link…