Baby Food!

Wow, time is flying around here! With the holidays, I barely got a chance to breathe. Thank goodness they are finally OVER!!!

But I did get a food processor from Nathan for Christmas! And my first project was BABY FOOD!!

Green Beans and Carrots on the top, then Pears, Banana, and Apple on the bottom. The 3 fruits were a hit of course, the carrots were a NO GO lol. Haven’t tried the green beans yet because honestly, ew!! I feel so bad making my child go threw that, but I think I am going to have my husband attempt it while I am at work tonight, muahahah!

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  • I love making homemade baby food. It seems like it is time consuming, but it’s really not if you do it when you’re preparing dinner for the rest of your family. I tried giving my son jar baby food after he’d been eating my homemade baby food, and he wouldn’t eat it! My baby hated green beans, but he loves sweet potatoes. You just boil them and the skins slide right off. If they get soft enough you don’t even have to run them through the food processor, you can just mash them really well and add some water. Plums are another good fruit to try. They’re a little strong, but you can mix them with applesauce.