Bella’s hat.

So I decided to try out knitting and made Bella a hat! The pattern, well it sucked. John says it could just be my fault the hat came out nothing like it said it would since it was my first try at knitting, but just in case its not my fault I’ll keep the link to myself. Now this took me a MONTH to do, but then I worked on it in fits of starting and stopping and lots of frustration. Logic tells me I should have started smaller, but come on, when have I ever listened to logic?
So here’s 1/2 way through:

And here’s done knitting. You will notice its an almost completely flat circle. Its not supposed to look like that, it was supposed to be baby hat shaped.

I decided to improvise and thread two pieces of yarn around the part that was supposed to fold up to create a shape and brim to it.

And Bella, who LOVES hats, enjoying her pretty new hat!

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    Elizabeth (MommytoAngelica)

    I wish Angelica loved hats…but no…she just pulls them off LOL. Bella is such a cutie! And it’s a good hat for your first try!