It’s a girl!!!!

=I was spot on!  Had my ultrasound today, and it looks like I’m going to be the proud Mama of two girls now!  Yeap – this little one is also a girl!!!!!  The ultrasound was a mixed bag – found out the sex, but she was either asleep, or just very relaxed and stayed in basically the one position the whole time!  She was lying facing down toward my cervix, and we weren’t able to get a good look at her face, or heart – so I have to go back in 4 weeks time, for the u/s tech to finish the anatomy check… I don’t mind though – chances are I’ll get better pictures, and hey – it’s an excuse to see little Miss Emersyn!!!

I only got one pic that was really worth sharing .  I guess I was a bit disappointed because at my 12w u/s I got amazing pictures… either way – the most impt thing is that Emersyn is HEALTHY, and everything looks good.  Bad pictures isn’t exactly the end of the world…  Infact, I’m over it already after finding the one good picture…..  Which I shall share now!

Little Miss Emersyn, using Mama’s placenta as a pillow!

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  • Congratulations – I love the name you’ve chosen! My doctor always told me to eat an apple or something about an hour before an ultrasound, it often helped wake baby up and get them active.

  • Aww!! that’s a cute pic of your baby–Congrats…that’s the only thng important to know is that your baby is heathly and listening to the heart beat=D
    I’m at my 18th wk and i’m going in Feb, 9 for my ultrasound for my 2nd photo…i was hoping to have maybe 3-4 pics by now. but can’t wait to see my baby=D