"We’re not angry, just disappointed"

I heard a young girl talking on the radio, about her parents finding out that she is dating a 22 year old (she’s 16), when they asked what her parents said, she replied “we’re not angry – we’re disappointed”…. and suddenly a montage of my teen years flashed before my eyes.  Before she said the ‘we’re disappointed’ part, I instinctively knew that she would say – because I heard those words so often during my teen years!!!

Not so much my later teen years, but definately between 12-15…  I was a little cow.  I was moody.  I was angry.  I was rebellious.  I was immature.  I continuously did things that I knew would annoy my parents, or upset  them – and I am still to figure out why I felt the need to do those things!!!  I can’t remember many specifics now, just a lot of scenarios, of my parents & me sitting in the lounge, after I’d done something.. and hearing those words “we’re not angry – we’re disappointed”… if I was to write a book about my teen years, the title would probably BE ‘we’re not angry – we’re disappointed’.

Ahhhh…. how right they were when they said “when you have children, you will understand where we are coming from”..  As usual – Mum and Dad were right…  Having children has taught me that, over & over – Mum & Dad really did know what they were talking about, all those years ago.. and when they said “we’re not doing this to be mean, we are doing it for your own good” – they really did mean it.  What is worse is when I find myself saying things to Gaby, that they said to me – and that used to make me roll my eyes, and pull faces when their back was turned…

I just hope Gaby & Emersyn/Lucas will be the exception.. that they’ll be the teenagers who AREN’T dreadful, and AREN’T rebellious.. and who are simply perfect, who I never have to tell off..

Yes, I know “haha dream on”…

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