Why Not?

The why stage has begun.

Not asking why here – just being a dinosaur.

I’ve always known of the stage that kids just constantly ask why, but I never knew when to expect it. Knowing a few other kids that passed it long ago, I wondered if maybe Eric had skipped it altogether. It’s a well known milestone of learning, and parental frustration at times too, but oddly one I was kind of looking forward to.

Now there’s a statement to ask “why” about.

Every time I ask Eric to do something, tell him to do something, or it seems make any kind of statement at all, it begins without hesitation.


“Because these socks are Daddy’s, so we need to put them in Daddy’s drawer.”


“So Daddy knows where to find them.”


“Because Daddy needs to wear socks to keep his feet warm.”


“Because it’s cold outside.”


“Because God said so.”


Because, son, there is nothing more that I would like to do than have a philosophical discussion with a 3 year old about God’s reasoning.

Seriously though, I appreciate this stage for what it is. Eric simply is looking to learn more about the world around him, and is taking an active role in discovery. That’s fabulous and wonderful…even if I can only answer the same question so many times before my head explodes.

It’s another one of the signs that he’s growing up, I guess. Sort of like his sleeping. They say they’re babies until they stop sleeping with their bum up in the air… Well, those days? They’re long gone.

But he’s still dang cute when he’s asleep. And you know what? He isn’t asking “why,” either.

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