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“MOM!” My world stopped spinning for a minute.  Mom?  Who, me???  You mean, Mama???  MOM?!  Already?!!?!  He’s two.  How am I already mom???  It stuck around all day long!  The occasional “Mama” would get thrown around here and there, but yesterday, I became mom.  And Dustin?  Well, he was “dad” upon arrival home from work. …

The Scary Face of Asthma

Most people out there are like me when it comes to their thoughts and opinions on asthma and its effects on someones life – I always had this vision of asthma in my head as a medical condition that causes someone to get out of breathe when they over exert themselves.  One of the first…

A Balancing Act

There’s an old Dr. Suess book that we really enjoy using as a learning/counseling tool with our youth at work called Oh The Places You’ll Go and I lately I’ve been reminded of one quote in particular:  “So be sure when you step. Step with care and great tact and remember that Life’s a Great…

Thank God for Baby Signs

My last post was about Jonah and his “baby signing.” Jonah knows about twenty signs at this point. I have posted in the past about our signing, but I don’t do it as frequently as I should. I am trying to post about it more, as it has become something completely invaluable in our lives….

She Says The Funniest Things

Dakota is like a box of laughs. If you need a pick me up, she is the girl to hang with. She isn’t even 4 yet but the stuff that comes out of her mouth is hysterical! Here are some things she has said over the past few months… “Mom, I love you more than

Cloth Diapering While Traveling

So, last weekend while I was taking a break again which was a much needed break…we were just going to hang around the house and just enjoy time with each other and the family. My husband spoke to his father and his dad had surgery about a week ago.  He just didn’t sound well.  My husband…