She Says The Funniest Things

Dakota is like a box of laughs. If you need a pick me up, she is the girl to hang with. She isn’t even 4 yet but the stuff that comes out of her mouth is hysterical!
Here are some things she has said over the past few months…
“Mom, I love you more than marching and flying kites”. Neither of which are activities she actually does….
First thing in the morning…
Dakota – “Mom, can I have some Ice Cream?”
Me – “Sure, after lunch”.
Me – “What do you want for breakfast?”
Dakota – “I want peanut butter and jelly”
Me – “Uhhh okay, sure….”
*20 minutes goes by*
Dakota – “Mom, can I have some Ice Cream?”
Me – “I told you after lunch.”
Dakota – “But I just ate peanut butter and jelly, that IS lunch!”
Me – “oh, ummm… hmm”

Nathan and the girls stayed at the hotel when I was working one night, because of the snow. Dakota kept calling me at the front desk from our room..
“Mom you need to stop working and listen to me! There is a Tea Party going on in our room and you need to be here!”
Before we left for Ballet one day, I told Dakota that I had the car toasty warm for her. She responded, “Haha mom, you kill me! A car can’t be toasty! You see the shape? It won’t fit in the toaster, it won’t fit in the house! Oh mom, you crack me up!”
That is it for now. I have a whole bunch more to share, saving it for another blog!

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