"week 22 – you may have noticed your centre of gravity has changed"

In one of my pregnancy books, for 22 weeks I read “you may have noticed your centre of gravity has changed”, and I figured that yes mine had, but not substantially.

That was until today when I was taking an armload of stuff  out to the garage to put in the rubbish bin – and managed to fall down the stairs!!!!  I don’t know how I did it, but I think my foot may have slipped or something – and next thing I knew I was fall off the side of the steps, scraping my toes, feet, legs & hands on the way down.. I kind of dived along the ground, before rolling onto my side.  My first worry was that I’d hurt the baby, but I didn’t hit my belly at all, and didn’t really fall from a massive distance.  I got inside and admittedly was crying – a huge chunk of nail came off one of my big toes, and then a big chunk of skin off the side of my opposite little toe.. one of my feet has a big graze, as does the shin & knee of the opposite leg!

Gaby was a good little paramedic, she got me some toilet paper and the bandaids – but then she looked at me with a very serious look on her face & said to me…
“Mummy – that is why we don’t wear jandles [thongs, flip-flops] isn’t it”
that was admittedly very cute, and made me laugh – she sounded so very grown up!

I think from now on, I’m not going to carry any big loads of ‘stuff’ down the stairs, I will have to do it in little trips I think!!!  I’m just glad that none of my neighbours from the three surrounding units saw it happen – wasn’t exactly my most graceful move!  I’ve not fallen down stairs in YEARS… but now with all this added weight in front, I’m obviously not as stable as I once was!

I have had a few movements since it happened, so am hoping that means that everything is okay in there… I will keep note of her movements for the next day though, incase there is an obvious decrease.. but I’m thinking that because I landed on my hands & knees, that everything should be okay..

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