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Crock Pot Recipe: Perfect Pork Roast

This recipe comes courtesy of my BFF, Laura, whose wonderful recipe I managed to screw up. Therefore…I will be showing you what I did but giving you her original recipe (because I’ve had hers and it’s just to yummy to ruin with random beef stock and plain white vinegar…even though I heartily enjoyed my poor man/wino…

Safety Advice on Behalf of Angelica

Angelica has reached the age where she is learning new words every day and stringing them together, too. She’s also picking up concepts and applying them to other situations. Ever since she turned 3 it was as though she grew up tremendously overnight and became a young lady. Recently though she has turned into more…

Thank goodness for daddies!

When I was growing up I was a tomboy. I rode motorcycles and could hang with the best of the boys in my neighborhood. I loved swimming in the local pond and couldn’t wait to get outside again. Now that I’m a mom, things just aren’t the same. All I see now is the mess…

Choices, Choices, Choices

I’ve hit a mini-milestone of two months since I enacted my daily meditation practice. During this time I’ve experimented with different meditation methods from vipassana (Insight), metta (loving-kindness), guided, to chakra meditations. I love each avenue and “reach” for one depending on my needs at that moment, either because of my mood or my surroundings….

Take a Seat

Baby products are only glorious to me if they have a well-thought out design and the ability to disappear.  Bonus points are added if they actually look nice around the house.  My head starts spinning around if I can also tote said baby product along with me to make life outside the home more simple. …

Monsters Under Mommy’s Bed

I never really had a problem as a kid with being scared of the dark or monsters in my closet. I did have an awful episode once after watching Nature on snakes and then screaming myself to sleep because I could feel them crawling all over me. My parents were kind enough to put me…

The Wild Ride

I decided this morning that having a special needs child is basically like being on a roller coaster ride that never ends. There’s no real final goal or destination; it’s just endlessly going, sometimes rolling along up high, sometimes plummeting down so suddenly your breath is taken away. I always hesitate to post about the…

Shower Hug Review and Giveaway

When I returned home after having a c-section with my second baby I was looking forward to enjoying a shower in my own home.  I had received the Cherub Shower Hug to review and was pretty excited to get to try it out, as my milk had come in that morning and my nipples were…

What I really want to be if I could just quit doddling

I can only imagine that I am not alone here.  I want to be the mom with the nice clean house, the one that cooks dinner from scratch most nights, that does arts and crafts projects with her kids, and reads a story and tucks her kids snuggly into bed each night… oh and exercises,…