Crock Pot Recipe: Perfect Pork Roast

This recipe comes courtesy of my BFF, Laura, whose wonderful recipe I managed to screw up. Therefore…I will be showing you what I did but giving you her original recipe (because I’ve had hers and it’s just to yummy to ruin with random beef stock and plain white vinegar…even though I heartily enjoyed my poor man/wino version)

First you want a magnificant plain bone in pork roast.

At least that’s what Laura’s recipe says. But my grocery store did not have a bone in roast. Apparantly people these days don’t understand that BONES=FLAVORICIOUS. So they’d rather not deal with the hassle of having the bone in the meat.
So I bought a boneless pork roast.

Rub the meat liberally with fresh thyme

black pepper and salt and garlic.

Then put it in the crock pot and place your root vegetables around it. Laura’s recipe said to put the onions down first and the meat on top….but I didn’t have enough room so I just put them on the sides.

In retrospect I wouldn’t put celery in only because J decided he did not like the flavor of the celery when we were eating it later that night.
But oohmygoodness these veggies turned so soft and delicious…okay the meat was awesome to.
but those carrots…they were divine.
Next you want to add 1/2 bottle of white wine.

or if you’re like me…most of the bottle of wine.
And Laura’s recipe calls for champagne vinegar.
Which I have never heard of, nor could I find.
So I just threw in plain old white vinegar.

Apparently a better vinegar to use as subsitute would have been a white wine vinegar or even a rice vinegar. But in reality, this turned out just fine.
Finally add some chicken broth.

Why am I using weak beef broth? Well…let’s just say it was a long week of forgetting items I needed.
I don’t know why I even bothered to write a grocery list that week, I had to go out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT to get an ingredient I forgot.
So I just used what I had.
And it turned out fine.

Throw some sprigs of thyme on that bad boy and cover it up.
Now the key is to walk away…for hours and hours.
I forgot I was supposed to making this and didn’t get it in until the afternoon.
So this was on for like six hours and I think that’s the lowest time I could get away with.
The meat was delicious, tender, juicy…I was soooo proud of myself for my pork roast.
Here’s Laura’s orignal recipe:
First of all, my Pork Roast/Beef Roast recipe
1 bone-in Pork or Beef Roast (doesn’t matter the size, but the bigger, the more leftovers) and it can be frozen solid. lol.

Slice up 2-4 Large onions and place on the bottom of the crock pot so that they are in a layer about 1/4-1/2 inch

Place prepared pork roast/beef roast on top of onions

Place 2-4 carrots, cut chunky around roast

Put 2 or more celery ribs in the pot (cut or not, depends on if you like celery), keep leaves on. In fact, it’s better in you leave the leaf on celery because that is where most of the flavor lies.

Liberally season the roast, both sides, with salt and pepper (kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper). Also if you want, rub it with either fresh thyme for pork roast, and rosemary for beef roast.

Then fill crock pot up with a combo of beef and chicken broth, or just chicken broth, until it comes up almost halfway the side of the roast. Mince some garlic, approx. 3 cloves on top of the roast. Stick either 1 sprig of fresh rosemary, or 3 sprigs fresh thyme also in the pot.

Now throw in a cup of white wine (I use Sutter Home) for pork roast, or red wine for beef roast.

Next 1-2 tablespoons of chamgane vinegar for pork roast, or merlot vinegar for beef.

Then cook for as long as your crock pot will let you. Mine usually go 8-10 hours. 🙂

Then, once it’s all done, make some mashed potatoes.

Then, pull the roast out, and let it sit under foil while you make……..


Mix 3 tbsp of flour mashed with 3 tbsp butter (helps if the butter is softened). Gradually whisk that mixture in with the broth (approx. 2 cups, in separate sauce pan) of all that lovely simmering crock pot goodness on med-high until nice and thick! lol 🙂 By the way, I don’t always use the whole butter mixture… just enough to thicken, you don’t want to overwhelm your gravy with too much butter. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

I usually make some fresh bread to go along with this meal, because, don’t you know roasts are better with fresh bread to dunk in the gravy?? 😉

After dinner, just pull the rest of the meat off the bone and put it in a baggie. The next day, simply dump the meat in with your favorite barbeque sauce and a splash of hot sauce, and you are good to go with a homemade pulled pork sandwich (if you happen to make fresh bread the day before to go with the meal, go ahead and make a couple of rolls while you’re at it.)

The whole meal is good for kiddoes too… mashed potatoes, super tender meat, and carrots. 🙂

Note: I didn’t believe very much in the concept of roasts before I tasted this. Now I love this becuase of the double meal (roast and then barbeque) and it’s a refreshing change from the endless variety of chicken and beef we usually eat. So now I heartily embrace the pork roast!

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