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There are times when I find it difficult to talk to “normal” women.  When you get a group of mothers together the talk invariably turns to childbirth and everyone starts comparing birth stories.  I have delivered 3 babies so I have more than enough material to participate…until they start talking about what disappointed them about…

Weekday Blog Prompts (3/1)

Here are this week’s weekday blog prompts! To see some generic fall backs see this post: Weekday Blog Prompts (2/22). “March is…” Make a post about what March is like where you live. It can be about the weather, events, special occasions. Just what ever defines March to you. “Spring Cleaning…” Do you do spring…

Crock Pot Recipe – Cola Chicken

This is a favorite with my family – it is SO easy to make, and is really healthy.  From memory, it is worth about 4 points on the Weight Watchers Points system (though that isn’t counting the rice you have with it)…  I dare you to try it – you won’t be disappointed!

It’s March! New things in store for the blog

I will have the top ten posts for February posted a little later.  But, I wanted to share something new we are planning for the blog starting in March.  We are going to have a theme for the month for recipes and our blogging team will be contributing recipes regularly to the blog.  This month’s…

Welcome to my world

I posted this picture on my 365 blog. Here’s a little taste of what it’s like to live with these 3 boys. The conversation went something like this: William: You’re getting big. Clayton: Yeah, I know.  I keep growing and growing. William: I bet you can’t fit through there.

First Day of Early Interventions Group Class

This week was Jonah’s first Early Interventions (EI) class. The class combines occupational and speech therapy into a group setting. It was a little bittersweet to take him. I was excited to see him playing with children who are more on his level, developmentally. A lot of times when he is with his peers, he…