Safety Advice on Behalf of Angelica

Angelica has reached the age where she is learning new words every day and stringing them together, too. She’s also picking up concepts and applying them to other situations. Ever since she turned 3 it was as though she grew up tremendously overnight and became a young lady.

Recently though she has turned into more of a mumsy figure than anything. I need to constantly remind her that I am the parent and if anyone is going to dish out the advice it’s me.

For example, last night I made homemade pizza for everyone. I’d settled the girls down with theirs and then went back in the kitchen to grab mine. As I came back I heard her saying wisely,

“Be careful, Natasha, it’s hot.”

I glanced at her, impressed by her grasp of health and safety.

“Yes,” I agreed, “It is hot.”

I sat down and began to cut into my pizza (yes, I am one of those sad cases who uses a knife and fork!) but felt a concerned hand on my arm.

“Mum?” Angelica began.

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Be careful. It’s hot.”

I sighed.

“Thank you for the warning,” I said.

“Thank you, Angelica,” Angelica prompted, not believing my thanks had been sincere.

“Thank you, Angelica,” I repeated.

That’s not the only incident either. Today when the girls were bouncing on the bed Angelica was sure to give an occasional cry of, “Please calm down, Natasha! Don’t hurt yourself! and “Be careful! Look what you’re doing!””

Which was all very well until Angelica eventually climbed down from the bed and tripped right over her sister’s feet.

I think Angelica really needs to stop playing Mum for a while… or at least, if she is going to dish out advice then she should take it too!

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