Take a Seat

Baby products are only glorious to me if they have a well-thought out design and the ability to disappear.  Bonus points are added if they actually look nice around the house.  My head starts spinning around if I can also tote said baby product along with me to make life outside the home more simple.  Enter, the Minui Handy Sitt.  This seat has me selling my Prince Lionheart Booster Pod as well as my Peg Perego  Pappa Prima Diner.

Handy Sitt folds flat, or hangs in a closet when not in use.  It is so easy to take along with you and even has back legs that can be purchased to transform it into a stand-alone seat (think picnics at the park).  It looks gorgeous and comes in several finishes to match your decor.  We decided on the antique and black shown below.  Thirty seconds was all it took to get this seat from the box it came in to attached to our chair with toddler strapped in.  Lawson loves it and I can’t wait to sell our old seats to buy a second one for Naomi.  If you are in the market for a booster seat or high chair, check out the Handy Sitt!  This seat makes me happy, happy, happy!!!!


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