Thank goodness for daddies!

When I was growing up I was a tomboy. I rode motorcycles and could hang with the best of the boys in my neighborhood. I loved swimming in the local pond and couldn’t wait to get outside again.

Now that I’m a mom, things just aren’t the same. All I see now is the mess I would have to clean up if I went out with the boys in messy weather or played in the mud. I love going outside when it’s nice outside but the winters are hard. Bryson gets cabin fever and; honestly, I do too. We try to go out to the mall or to playdates but it’s just not the same as going outside to play and run.

So today, my dear husband braved the rain and took Bryson outside to play in the puddles. It’s been raining since yesterday so there were puddles everywhere. He loved every minute of it and was sliding all around in the water and mud. They took a toy boat out there and were watching it float along the little stream of water going across our front yard.

When they finally came in, they were both soaked through their clothes but Bryson was glowing with happiness. It’s moments like these that make me fall in love with my husband all over again and also thrills me to no end that I have such an amazing daddy for my two boys. :)


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  • I should make my husband take my daughter (who is a total tomboy already at not-quite-3) out in the bad weather sometime! Sounds like they had a lot of fun. What an awesome daddy!