What I really want to be if I could just quit doddling

I can only imagine that I am not alone here.  I want to be the mom with the nice clean house, the one that cooks dinner from scratch most nights, that does arts and crafts projects with her kids, and reads a story and tucks her kids snuggly into bed each night… oh and exercises, can’t forget that.  You know the mom you see on television or on the movies?  Well the mom on television might not exercise but she does everything else right.  I could be this mom if I could just quit doddling.  Everything I go to do takes me so much time and by the time I get done doing it, it needs to be done again, and then there is no time left to be that mom I want to be.

In order for me to stay on top of my house I have to spend a whole lot of time on it.  I don’t mean twenty minutes a day.  That won’t cut it around here.  It takes me at least twenty minutes to cook dinner which is probably why I don’t cook often enough.  Then it takes another twenty or thirty minutes to do the dishes.  To keep up with the laundry and not just wash it and throw it a huge pile on the laundry table, I need to spend twenty or thirty minutes a day – at least.  At our house you can’t mop the kitchen once a week.  To really keep it clean you need to mop it at least three times a week if not every day.  You have to sweep all the floors every day.  And, for that matter I can’t keep my television free of sticky fingers for more than one day.  My husband wakes up just about every morning yelling at somebody about the sticky finger prints all over the television that he just cleaned yesterday.

I keep thinking if I could just get in a good routine my house would stay in order, my kids would learn to not be slobs, and maybe I could be that mom I want to be.

Since I am not trying to conceive anymore, I feel this need to really focus on my family.  I want to get in a good routine with my house so that I don’t feel like a rat on the wheel.  I want my kids to learn better habits.  I want to be that mom that I want to be instead of doddling and making excuses for why I can’t be that mom.  I want to have time for my kids and not just time watching television with them.  I want to do fun things with them so they remember they remember me being the fun mom.  They are only going to be kids for so much longer and if I don’t start doing some of the things I want to do as a mom I am not going to get a second chance at it.

So with this in mind I am setting some new goals for myself.  I have done this before but each time I work on goal setting I do a little better than the time before.  I am determined to get a little self disciplined and get back on track with some things in my life so that I can be the mom I want to be instead of letting life pass me by doddling and not doing the things I really want to do.

I am going to start following JustMommies cleaning system again, I am going to start cooking real meals, I am going to start using my day planner again, I am going to start blogging again, I am going to start exercising again, and I am going to try to schedule time to do some fun things with my kids each week.  They need this and I need this.

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  • Good luck, Patty – I’m sure you will find the best way to make these things happen! I kind of know where you’re coming from, I just started a huge reorganisation to try to make things easier to keep tidy and to clean but I wish I had the same level of motivation and ambition as you!

  • Good luck Patty! I totally need to start setting a schedule again for house stuff; between work and therapy appointments, it constantly falls all to whack.

  • I know what you mean. Brandon used to have 4 therapy appts a week. It makes it hard to get anything done.