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I live with pigs.

I think every other person in my house is blind, or at least blind to the mess that they leave behind, walk over, walk around, sit on top of, or ignore. I also think I am the only one in this house who knows what the dishwasher is for and what to do with it….

Saturday, April 29, 2006

I woke up Saturday morning feeling fabulous. I seriously felt better than I had since becoming pregnant. I spent some time in the afternoon sitting outside on a blanket reading, just enjoying the weather. It had been a long winter, and having warm, dry weather was wonderful. My upstairs neighbor’s mother had come to visit…

The 411 on Cloth Diapering

I found Justmommies.com a while back when I was in the early stages of my pregnancy with Logan, and I really wish I would have found it sooner! Its not only taught me a lot of things I would have otherwise had no clue about, mainly products like the Moby Wrap and Sophie the Giraffe…

Eeeww boys are icky

Having been blessed with having two boys and two girls that were born in boy girl order, I have never really experienced what it was like to have a house full of all boys or all girls. I have been around moms that ONLY want to have girls though. I am sure there are moms…

Coping with the Coping.

I know nothing of my husband’s life from 11pm at night until 7am in the morning. One time my dad asked how his night went and I about fell off my chair when J told him and about getting kicked in the leg because he had a double ear infection and couldn’t hear the guy…

The what ifs…

I sit here watching my children play and I’m grateful for them. But at the same time I think of the What If’s…What if the first baby would’ve made it? What if we would’ve have a girl first? What if that baby would’ve stuck, would we have gone to Texas or just stayed here? What…

Our couch, the jungle gym.

It is going to be a sweet day when we go to someone’s home & the kids start climbing all over the couch. It is their ‘favorite’ toy. Seriously. They can climb on & off of it for hours. Why? Daddy started a game called ‘Baby Loco’. This game consists of the kids getting on…

Friday, April 28, 2006

Four years ago yesterday… …I was sure I was going to go into labor.  37w5d.  We had gone 30 minutes to Idaho Falls to the wedding reception of a friend of Matt’s.  I was very uncomfortable the whole time, and on the drive home I started having shooting cervical pains.  They were so bad that I…