Balance. It’s all about balance.

I have felt quite bad lately. I have been purchasing a lot of new clothes for Emersyn – albeit second hand clothing, but new clothing all the same – but I haven’t been buying a heck of a lot for Gaby. I guess it’s because she HAS clothes, and I’m not in the whole pre-baby “oh my god, I am so unprepared” mindset with her. So this week, I made an effort to purchase a few items for Gaby so that she wouldn’t feel left out.

Luckily, it worked! We usually go out on Thursday morning and pick up my various TradeMe (like EBay) auction wins, and Gaby spends time ‘ooing and ahhhing’ over all the baby clothes. You can tell she feels a little sad that there is nothing for her. This week, I gave her a package, and she looked at me in astonishment. “Mommy, this isn’t going to fit Emersyn!”

So I told her,“No, Gaby, that’s because it’s for you!!!” and she yelled at the top of her lungs, “Thank you so much, Mommy, you are the best!!!!!” That is always nice to hear, and it makes it seem all the more worthwhile when she shows so much appreciation.

I guess I get a bit carried away shopping for Em, and Gaby is so good and doesn’t say, “but I want something too,” so I tend to… Well, I don’t forget about her, but I just put off buying something for her. With Emersyn’s arrival approaching (under 8 weeks to go!), I have realized that I need to start ensuring Gaby feels just as important as Emersyn, and that her needs aren’t put to the side while I have a little fit of ‘must get prepared for baby.’ I have made the decision that for each item I purchase Emersyn, I am going to purchase one for Gaby. I think that is fair – it’ll help Gab feel like she’s still important and just as special -because she most certainly is!!! – and probably get me into good habits for when Em actually is here!

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  • I think you’re going about this the right way – I was always worried when Natasha came along that my eldest would feel pushed out and we did much the same thing which helped her to feel mores secure. 🙂