Eeeww boys are icky

Having been blessed with having two boys and two girls that were born in boy girl order, I have never really experienced what it was like to have a house full of all boys or all girls. I have been around moms that ONLY want to have girls though. I am sure there are moms out there that only want to have boys and aren’t interested in having girls, but I have met more women that only want girls and I don’t understand it.

I remember when I was pregnant for the first time sort of hoping that Jeremy was a girl. Even though I never found out his gender when I was pregnant, I knew he was a boy. I just felt like he was. I remember a friend of mine who was an amateur psychic kept insisting that Jeremy was a boy. I knew deep down he was right but it kind of annoyed me. I didn’t want to know my baby’s gender (if I did I would have found out at the ultrasound not by asking wanna-be psychics) and I wanted to be able to at least think he could be a girl.

I knew Kelly wanted to have a son though, so I thought it would be great if our first child was a boy. I wanted a girl, but I also wanted a boy. Really, I would have been happy either way.

I understand why moms want to have girls because I wanted a girl too. I think there is nothing wrong with wanting a girl. When I got pregnant with Angie, I really felt like she was a girl and if you asked me what I thought I was having I would say a girl, but there was this little bit of lingering doubt in my head about that. (I didn’t find out her gender until birth either.) Was it just wishful thinking? Did I just want her to be a girl? I almost didn’t think it would be possible that I could have a girl. It was like I thought that I wasn’t special enough to be a mom of a girl, especially since I already had one boy.

Even having felt all these feelings, I have never loathed the idea of having a boy. I get wanting to have a girl. I get wanting to have that mother/daughter bond. I get wanting to dress your little girl up in bows and tutus (even though I never dress mine up in them), but I don’t get why moms wouldn’t want boys. It is one thing to want to have a girl. It is a totally different story to not want to have a boy.

It doesn’t really bother me when someone wants their first baby to be a girl. It doesn’t bother me if a mom has a boy already and would like their second baby to be a girl. And, I understand when someone has two or three boys and really just wants to have a girl. That, I get. But, I don’t understand moms that don’t ever want to have a boy or that find boys icky and say things like “I wouldn’t know what to do with a boy.” How about love them?

I love my boys in so many ways. We aren’t in elementary school. As far as I know boys don’t still have cooties. And if they do, well I will take all the boy cooties I can get. I love my boys so much and would be so happy to have another one in my life.

Whenever I hear someone make some type of boy bashing comments, I sometimes just want to say to them, then why are you having kids at all? It isn’t like you get to pick your kids gender. You get what you get and you should be prepared to love them a bunch no matter what gender you end up with.

Boys are great. If you have one, hug him for me.

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