Morning People We Are Not

So as I’ve mentioned several several times, John and I, we aren’t morning people. Not even a little. We are at our worst for several hours after we wake. Zach is the same way.
Every morning we go through the following battle:

6:30 – “Wake up and go get Zachary out of bed.” “No, you do it, I don’t want to.”
6:40 – “Trish GET UP!” “Fine! Just go away!”
6:45 – “I mean it get your butt out of bed now!” “Go take your stupid shower and leave me alone. Zachary, get up!” “Nooooooooooo! Leave me alone! I don’t want to go to school!”
6:50 – “Zachary get yourself out of that bed this minute or I will drag you off of it.” “I hate you, I hate school, no one loves me! Go away!”
6:55 – “Zachary get dressed.” “I don’t want to wear these stupid clothes! Why can’t I pick my own clothes!?” “Why the heck isn’t he dressed yet?! We have to leave in five minutes.” “Zach, put your clothes on now, or I swear you’ll be grounded this week.” “Fine! I don’t like you now either.”
7:00 – “Come on we have to go now!” “Zach, brush your hair and teeth.” “No I want cavities and messy hair.” “Cavities and messy hair aren’t an option, go do it now!”
7:05 – “Zach, come on we have to go! Get your butt to the door or I’m leaving you here with your mom.”

And then they go. It’s not always exactly the same, but its mostly the same every day. Three people who don’t want to be up trying to get two of them out the door on time with a whole lot of yelling. After they leave, I go back to bed.

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