The 411 on Cloth Diapering

I found a while back when I was in the early stages of my pregnancy with Logan, and I really wish I would have found it sooner! Its not only taught me a lot of things I would have otherwise had no clue about, mainly products like the Moby Wrap and Sophie the Giraffe (two things I adore), but its also given me lots of advice. So when I first heard about people cloth diapering, I don’t recall even opening the thread. I looked at my husband one day, shortly after Logan’s birth, and said “Cloth diapering??” and he had the same gross expression on his face as me. It was definitely out for us.

Well later on I started actually opening those threads, and doing research of my own. I came to find out, that you don’t even need pins these days!! If you really want the ease of a disposable diaper, they have some that velcro! So that fact definitely peaked my interest, and I ended up ordering a beginner stash. My husband was on the fence about it, I stayed home all day so he didn’t really care either way, little things like that are usually my decision. So we started our journey to the cloth diapering world, and have never looked back.

Now I know what you’re thinking, because I thought the very same things! It just seems so nasty and like a lot of hard work! Well, honestly, its pretty awesome and not near as bad as I imagined. With the ease of washing a regular load; I throw in the diapers, use a special detergent, and run them through twice. I use one cold cycle and then one hot cycle, throw them in the dryer, and use them all over again. Its honestly the easiest load of laundry I’ve ever done; it washes fast, dries fast, and requires no folding. I use the diapers that require inserting the absorbent pad, but they dry so much fast than the all in one I bought. I never knew it could be so easy and so rewarding!

Cloth diapering can definitely be expensive, but my starting cost was about $60 dollars for a great brand I found on I got 12 diapers and we go through 6 a day, so I wash diapers every other day. We started when Logan was 2 months old and haven’t had to buy another pack of disposable diapers. I paid $20 a box on average of every other week, so thats $40 dollars a month; my cloth diapers paid for themselves in less than 2 months.

Now, the point of this article is to give mommies, the ones walking along the fence of deciding, a little challenge. Find a cloth diaper that you’ve heard great things about and buy it, just one! Once it comes and you put it on your little one and see how absolutely adorable it is, as well as convenient and easy; I’m pretty sure that you’ll want to order more!! Sometimes in motherhood, there are things you think you’d never do, but once you try it you can’t imagine why you never did it before. From my experience, cloth diapering is definitely one of those things!!! Plus, I never get tired of the shocked expressions of all the people when they see Logan in cloth, its always a great topic starter!!

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