Wii City Builder Product Review

The kids and I just checked out the Wii City Builder game.  I received the game in exchange for blogging about it.  Here’s what we think.

About the game:

City Builder is a puzzle game.  You connect sections of roads, pipes, or power lines to build your city.  You can build your city with houses, shops, or factories.  On each continent you can build multiple cities.  But, just like a real continent you can’t just have all your cities made up of homes or all your cities built with shops.  You should plan your continent to have factories, homes, and shops.

When you build your first city, you will see a preview that shows you where the entrance and exit are.  You then lay your road from entrance to exit, but you have to make sure you lay enough roads for all the houses (or shops or factories).  You will see a counter at the top of the screen that shows you how many homes you have built and how many need to be built.  As you lay the road more houses will pop up.  You also have to get all of this done within a certain amount of time or you have to start over.

Here is a trailer for the game if you want to check it out.  And you can read more about the game here.

What we thought of City Builder:

The game is geared for kids ages 8-12.  My kids needed a little help getting started with the game.  It was more challenging than I expected.  They ended up watching mom play for a while just to learn how it works.  My younger kids had a hard time getting the roads built before they ran out of time.  Actually, it took me a while to get my first city built within the time limit.  I kept thinking I was doing something wrong.  You have to build the road from entrance to exit, get a certain number of homes, shops, or factories, and do this all within a time limit.  Since I am one to skip reading the directions – and I didn’t give the directions to my kids – we sort of got confused on how to play at first.  Once we figured it out, it was fun.

I originally thought that I would just give my kids the game and they would just be able to play it.  If you play this with your kids you may want to help them out with their first city just so they see how it works.  It isn’t hard to figure out but it was a lot easier for my kids to play once they watched me play.  Some kids are more game savvy and may not need help from mom.

What I liked about this game was that it was family friendly and constructive.  You had to use a little bit of strategy to play the game.  My kids have not had a lot of exposure to puzzle type games so this was challenging for them.  But, I think the more they play it the better they will get, not only with playing the game but with solving problems and strategizing.

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