An inspirational story…I must share.

I suppose when you see a friend go through a tragedy, one that you cannot prevent nor help in any way to ease the pain, you reach out. Most people renew their faith in God or another higher power. Some reach out to family and friends. Others just shut down completely and question everything, every belief they have ever been surrounded by.

When we lost our first baby – a miscarriage at 8 weeks – I was so angry, in particular, at God. I just didn’t understand why we would get pregnant the very first time we ever tried, only to lose the baby. THEN, we had to fight infertility after that. It just wasn’t fair. But I didn’t turn my back on Him. I believed we were walking our path for a purpose.

To our surprise, it was to be blessed with triplets, the 3 most amazing people in my life. Ok…3 of 4, I can’t forget Todd. We needed to go through everything to be able to have them. Not that the pregnancy or how we got them was easy, but that is a whole different story.

Along the way, I met some amazing people, many whom were walking in our same shoes. Norina was one of them. She and I went through our losses together. We were there to support one another. So, it doesn’t surprise me that she came out of the woodwork when I started writing and collecting donations for Brandi. Norina is amazing. Beautiful. A wonderful and deserving mother.

She passed along a beautiful story. A sad story. One that will make you cry. The family, the Smith’s, lost a beautiful baby girl. Now expecting another baby girl. This is their story through their time of pain, and the song they wrote about beautiful Audrey Caroline.

I’m not one to go to church every Sunday, although I probably should, and I don’t like to preach the word of God to anyone that will listen. I do believe, and what this family decided – that there was no Plan B – I totally agree with. We endure pain for many reasons. Many times, we don’t understand until much later why, if we ever do understand.

I know I have a personal relationship with God. He sent me to Brandi, and vice versa. I only hope I have made a little difference and am able to repay in kind what so many others have done for us during many dark moments in our lives.

Thank you to all!

PS ~ Brandi is now at home. Evan’s funeral will be on Sunday, May 23rd. I am still accepting donations. My goal is $4000, and I am currently $480 away from reaching that goal. Please consider donating!

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  • The whole story was so inspirational. Even as a Christian I needed this wonderful reminder. We were told by doctors we should go home and expect to miscarry. This can not compare to what this family has faced. However, it has given me hope and perspective on my own life. Thanks for sharing Astrid.