Are People Really not Thankful?

I have been wanting to write this post for awhile, so I have a moment and thought I would…

It really surprises me that when someone does something, there is not a return, not even just a “Thank You.” Is that hard?

I was talking to my mom about this yesterday actually, and she said it could be because they were not raised that way.  But I have a question: does it hurt your pride to say “Thank You,” or are you just too rude to say “Thank You,” or you just don’t know what to do?

I know when someone does something for me, I am very thankful.  For instance…

  • Out of the norm, my normal sitter for Baby B could not watch her this week, and we had my Grandma I watch her.  She doesn’t normally do this, and although she is family, I still felt like we needed to say thank you!  We said thank you a million times, and just to show how thankful, I gave them a gift card to McDonalds.  They love McDonalds and go there everyday.
  • As you all know (from my Facebook) I lost internet, phone, and TV because the dog chewed the line.  Well, they were not supposed to come back out until Tuesday to fix it, and I was so upset.  I called today, and they could come out.  Within 30 minutes of the call, the guy called to say he was on his way.  I thanked him a million times for coming out.

I have just come across some things here as of recent that I did things for people and did not even get a return thank you, and I was just wondering.

So, I’m just curious…tell me what you think?

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