Great tips on keeping up with the house!

So usually I get behind on my cleaning. Hey! I’m a mom of 3, so it happens. 🙂 So recently I’ve been following the Just Mommies Home Organization Plan!! Now let me tell you, this is the easiest thing to follow, and I don’t have to wear high heels to do it.
It breaks down daily tasks that you get yourself in the habit of doing. I was never much of a bed maker, but it only takes 2 minutes out of my morning and I make sure I do it before my 2 year old drags me by my hair out of my room screaming for breakfast. Each month also has a de-cluttering list that doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day. Its helps to keep your house clean and organized at the same time!!
During the day I also make sure I go behind the kids and pick up as they destroy. Seems like “shoveling while it’s still snowing”, huh? It really is, however, if you shovel as it snows, there is less snow to shovel when it stops. Now my night time cleaning is cut in half and I have more time to spend with my husband. I also vacuum more than the JM organization plan specifies, but I also have an 8 month old who likes to pretend he’s a human vacuum cleaner.
This plan has really helped my life become easier, and now cleaning doesn’t control me, I control it. With the easy printable calendar, I see my tasks each day and make sure I set aside time to do those, usually at nap time. I also like being reminded to take something out for dinner, I’m very forgetful. So for someone like me, who has to have a list to be organized and in control, this plan is the perfect way to get your house clean. Its also pretty cool that now when people show up unexpectedly, I’m not mortified when I hear that dreaded “knock, knock, knock”.

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  • I LOVE the cleaning calendars! We also have a group on JM for the cleaning calendar girls here. I am a little behind on things but it has made a huge difference for me. I mostly try to keep up with the laundry and cleaning the bathrooms and fridge and stuff like that. I don’t always do all the detail stuff.

  • I have a cleaning routine…which is major cleaning on Monday (I clean, dust, mop, and wash everything), then tuesday, wednesday, thursday, I only clean the living room and kitchen. Then on Friday I clean all the rooms again (No mopping or dusting).. and no cleaning on the weekends! However, this sounds like such a better idea. Between cleaning, school work, and my kid, I have no time for myself or no time to relax. So starting Monday, I will give this I try!! 🙂 Thanks for the tip.

  • Going to try the calendar – somehow even though I’m a SAHM, the days fly by and I feel like I’m always behind in the housework (other than laundry, which I don’t have a problem keeping up with). Thanks Heather 😀