Rambling reality

Today I got the infant carseat, from my parents house, and got it all set up in the car.

And I cried!

For some reason, seeing that little carseat safely in the car made me realize that, in less than 5 weeks, I am going to be putting a little baby in it… Baby Emersyn will no longer be in my belly, she will be ‘REAL,’ right there for me to cuddle & kiss, to snuggle with & talk to in a silly voice. All those clothes, tidily put away in the set of drawers, will be used. The bassinet in my room will have someone sleeping in it.

Emersyn is going to be here soon, and I am so excited…and I am so terrified. I can’t wait for my life to change. I am scared that my life is going to change. I cannot wait for Gaby to be a big sister. I am not ready for Gaby to be a big sister.

It was never this confusing with Gaby, and I don’t know why this time is different. The confusion isn’t a bad thing, and I’m in no way not looking forward to Emersyn finally being here. My mind is just slightly blown…

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