Ryan and the Tampon

Ryan (just coming out of the bathroom): “Mommy, what’s this?” (He holds an unopened tampon.)
Me: “Um, that’s mine.”
Ryan: “OK, well, what is it?”
Me: “Don’t worry about it, it’s mine.”
Ryan: “It’s candy, and you don’t want to share!”
Me: “Nooooo! Trust me, it’s not candy.”
Ryan: “Yes it is. You’re not being fair, and you’re telling stories. I’m going to wash your mouth out.”
Me: “I promise you, Ryan, it’s NOT candy.”
Ryan: “Is it a new toy?”
Me: “No.”
Ryan: “Well, Mommy, what is it?”
Me: “It’s mine. Just leave it alone.”
Ryan: “No, tell me what it is now!”
Me: “Ryan, did you get into the cabinets?”
Ryan (looks down): “Um… no?”
Me: “Ryan, are you telling me stories?”
Ryan: “Never mind, Mommy, you can have it.” (And he runs to his room.)

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