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Busy week ahead

First off great news. I had posted a couple week ago about Seamus eye specialist appointment not being till the end of August, but then they were able to move it to July 14th and “squeeze” us in.  Then, last Monday I got a call from his normal eye doctor saying that the day has…

Total Eclipse of the Heart

This blog title has GOT to be way overused by now…haha. I posted this originally on my old blog: http://www.midnighturbanites.blogspot.com/ But, since Eclipse comes out today- I figured I’d cycle it here to admit my little…problem. Hehe! Overall- I think this is why this series is so popular: I don’t know…I am guessing I was…

24 Hours Of Peace & Quiet!!!

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I love all my kids. They’re wonderful, each in their own way. But there are days when I just want peace and quiet, and tomorrow I will get just that. My husband is taking Raven & Lex to CT for the day and night. It will be just…

5 Stars

Last week my husband and I got away for our very first trip without the children. My mother-in-law was amazing enough to offer to stay with the boys. We were super nervous to be away from them but they were fine, of course. We flew out on Wednesday and we were wrong in thinking that…

Too cute!

Troy wants to be like Daddy–so bad it’s funny. He does everything he can just to act like, look like, be like….you get it, I am sure. I have captured many pictures of him doing this and this weekend I got another one. I just can picture it in 2-3 years when Will tried to…

Deadlines and Directions

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with deadlines when you have a lot going on. For example, it’s Father’s day today and we’ve spent all weekend constantly on the move. So now that we’re on the way home from dinner, I’m typing this blog post on how awesome my phone is. It’s definitely comforting having…

Corndog muffins recipe

Junior LOVES cornbread and hotdogs, so I decided to make my own versions of corndogs this afternoon and they are fabulous! This recipe makes 48 minimuffins.  I bet the extras would probably freeze pretty well or you could just eat them all! 1 cup cornmeal 1 cup flour (I used half whole wheat and half…

High Tech Date

Up until now, I haven’t had the ability to do anything with my phone except call someone. No fancy shmancy stuff. Just plain and boring. Well, I decided to bring along the fancy phone when Todd and I went to go see Cirque de Soleil on Saturday, a big birthday date. I thought it would…