App Attack!

So I’ve been browsing, downloading, and adding apps to my Apple iPhone. There are literally thousands out there! So how do I pick my favorites? I’m gonna make a list of 10 apps that I think are great!! Some of these are pretty cool games too!!

Ok, this first one may seem sorta useless to most people. Most people know the iPhone is great, but I like to play a few jokes here and there. I downloaded the app “Fingerprint” and have been having so much fun with it. You put your finger on it and press a secret hidden spot on the screen and it opens, if you give it to someone else, they won’t know the spot and it won’t let them in. I’ve had people believing that my iPhone was fingerprint protected. It’s a pretty simple app, but I get tons of laughs out of it!!

I’m addicted to Facebook. Yes, I admit it. I’m in love with the Facebook app! Everything is laid out nicely and easy to access. Plus, I get updates whenever someone posts on my wall, messages, likes, or comments on a status.

A few of the game apps I like are Guitar hero, Rock Band, Tic Tac Toe, Hangman, and Rileigh loves to play with the MyPaint app that I’ve added. I must admit, I sorta like it too. The cool thing about Rock Band and Guitar Hero is that everyone loves to play it too! Sometimes inconvenient when you need to steal your phone back from friends. haha.

I also downloaded a Menstrual cycle calendar and it keeps up with it for me, while also telling me my days of ovulation. Even though its not 100% exact, it helps me get an idea of when I’m fertile. This comes in handy when you’re either actively trying to conceive or like me, and trying to avoid the days of ovulation! It also comes in handy with an optional password protector, that way if someone is using my phone they can’t see something that personal without my password.

Another app that came in handy recently, was a shopping list! It’s very easy to add items you need and sizes. I like it as well because I can put a little check mark by the items I already have in my shopping cart. It’s simple, easy, and gets the job done.

The last, and most recent app I’ve downloaded comes in handy for all mothers! I added the Parenting: Ages & Stages magazine! It takes me to recent articles and lets me personalize with my children’s birthdays and ages. It comes in handy with advice and answers about pregnancy, the first year, and beyond. It has tons of useful articles on the first page of each stage and comes in handy with a search tool to allow me to search for articles not listed.

I’m just now beginning to dive into the world of apps, and will keep you all posted as I find more that I’ve found useful for me, a stay at home mom of three. So far I can definitely say, the iPhone, all the apps, and everything that comes with this phone, I highly doubt I’ll ever want to own another phone besides this one.

*As part of Best Buy’s sponsorship of JustMommies pattyandthemoos, Astrid and I have received a smartphone for free. We will be sharing our experience with our phones with you over the course of the next few weeks.

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  • Glad you are enjoying your iPhone, I can’t live without mine! Any way you can try to convince the Justmommies people to make a JM App??? I have apps for all the other sites I’m addicted to and I wish there was one for here so I could easily keep up with the message boards and blogs!!