Deadlines and Directions

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with deadlines when you have a lot going on. For example, it’s Father’s day today and we’ve spent all weekend constantly on the move. So now that we’re on the way home from dinner, I’m typing this blog post on how awesome my phone is. It’s definitely comforting having the ability to finish a deadline or task on your phone as your kids are half asleep in the back and your hubby is driving.

I hate to say it, but I’m really bad with directions. I’ve lived in the same town since birth and I only know how to get to familiar places. The whole town should be familiar after 23 years right? Wrong. Most of the time I end up calling my husband, mom, or inlaws when I’m lost. It’s usually a pain trying to explain where I’m currently at, what landmark I’m next to, where I’m going, and why. I’m still learning to use this feature, but the Apple iPhone came with a Google maps app! It’s saved me from having to call someone to give me directions twice now! I can tell it’s going to save me a lot more in the future as well.

With the iPhone, I feel like I take my computer everywhere I go. Which for someone as into technology as me, is a dream come true. I’m almost home now and have typed my whole blog post. Now I’ll be able to lay the kids right down for bed and curl up and spend some time with my husband without having this on my to-do list. The only time taken out of my day to do this was time I was spending sitting here anyways. The iPhone allowed me to be productive when I would have otherwise been unproductive. It also corrected most of the typos automatically while I was bouncing down the road and trying to type this up. Even as a stay at home mom, the iPhone has helped me in many more ways than I could have ever imagined!!

*As part of Best Buy’s sponsorship of JustMommies pattyandthemoos, Astrid and I have received a smartphone for free. We will be sharing our experience with our phones with you over the course of the next few weeks.

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