I got my Blackberry Today!

I got it today, a Blackberry 8520. Yeah, not the top of the line Blackberry BUT I don’t know that I would really want anything more than this with three 2 year olds under foot. I am already excited about the prospects of the new phone. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t wait to get home to turn it on.

So, while I was stuck in stand still traffic, I put my SIM card in & the battery. The first call? To my wonderful hubby. What did he do? Played a trick on me. He pretended he couldn’t hear me. Said it was fuzzy. Yes, I fell for it. I hung up and called him again. Dumb me. Smart Todd. Smartphone…only if the person using it is too!

Tomorrow we are going on an overnight trip. I’m planning on letting Todd do all the driving which is a 1st. Yep, I’m the controlling type. Gotta be the one driving. But, I’m going to forgo the honors and play with my new phone. I’m excited! New ringtone, here I come!

*As part of Best Buy’s sponsorship of JustMommies pattyandthemoos, HeatherW and I have received a smartphone for free. We will be sharing our experience with our phones with you over the course of the next few weeks.

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  • I have the blackberry curve too (I think mines the 8530 though) and I love it! I recommend Ponyt as one of the apps, it can be found on the blackberry apps, just search for it (its free)

  • Cool, thank you & off to check it out now. I’ve been dying to see what other apps are out there for me 🙂