Mommy bloggers, how do you craft your posts?

I am not that smart, articulate blogger that I want to be. Not that I ever set out to be a fantabulous writer but now that I have been blogging a while I sometimes venture out to other blogs just to see what other mommy bloggers are talking about. Each time I do, I come back to my own blog and think bleh boring. I don’t write impressive posts or well worded thoughts about motherhood or life all that often. Sometimes I come up with a great topic I want to blog about but by the time I sit down and type for a while I am just irritated. I am not a verbose writer. I actually looked that word up so I could throw in a new vocabulary word into my post. But, even though I don’t think I write the most sophisticated sounding posts, I think I am down to earth. I think people can read my posts and I don’t come across as some over educated snob tossing around big words and writing super long sentences just to sound smarter.

I am who I am. I want to improve my blogging so that my posts are more interesting but I don’t want to be fake. I have met other bloggers in real life and some of them seem to be putting on a show, like they have been blogging for an audience for so long that they have forgotten how to be themselves. I don’t want to ever turn into that kind of blogger. I want to keep it real. I just want to work on finding more interesting mom-related topics to blog about.

So I want to know how other bloggers do it. How do you turn your thoughts into posts you are satisfied with?

I know that I have had other hobbies, like making signatures. When I first started making signatures, my sigs were not all that great. Then with more practice I got better and could make some kick-butt sigs when I put my mind to it. Practice wasn’t everything though. Sometimes I would spend hours on a signature and it would still look awful. I would eventually get irritated and delete it so I wouldn’t be tempted to try to rework it. I would ask for constructive criticism and make improvements. I find myself doing the same thing with my blogging. I will come up with an idea for something I want to blog about and then set to work on writing up my post. Then after spending a while on it I get frustrated because I can’t express my thoughts in words. I eventually delete it. Sometimes I will write three or four posts in one day that never make it to my blog. When I made signatures I was the same way. I didn’t just post a signature if I wasn’t satisfied with it. I don’t post my blog posts either when I don’t like them. I just write them up and keep them in my file to either rework or just delete.

So for the other mommy bloggers, do you just blog whatever or do you try to craft your posts? What do you do when you are inspired to blog about something but you can’t get your words out right? Do you scrap it or keep working on it till you are happy with it?

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  • Oh great post Patty, it really got me thinking!!! I’ll sum up for you what I just posted in response to this on my blog:
    My first step is, well, live my life.
    Next step, think it to death.
    Step three, get to typing.
    The final step, do I like it?
    Very short summary, but everything else I try to respond with comes out way to long for a response. lol

  • I just read your post. Great post Trish! Thanks for your feedback.

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  • I usually think about an idea, and because I KNOW I will forget about it, I write it down in my notebook (just jotting down the key points). If I don’t have a paper and pen, I just key into into a memo on my blackberry. After that, I open up a word document and make the font really large…. and then I just TYPE away… I type JUST the way i talk… and then I just save it as a draft… walk away from it for a while… and then come back to it later to edit it.. I usually just post about things that are on my mind..