Total Eclipse of the Heart

This blog title has GOT to be way overused by now…haha.
I posted this originally on my old blog:
But, since Eclipse comes out today- I figured I’d cycle it here to admit my little…problem. Hehe!
Overall- I think this is why this series is so popular:

I don’t know…I am guessing I was like most teenage girls…despite the fact that my public statement concerning men was always along the lines of: give me an old man who doesn’t want to get married and has a lot of money to spend and I’m his girl. I did spend a good portion of my teenage years imagining my great love story. I remember even telling my BFF at the time, Val, that I hoped it wouldn’t go to smoothly…”if he likes me right away, it would just be to boring…I want to want him for awhile before I actually get him.”

Then, at seventeen, I got my great love story…and it was as drama and frustration filled as I hoped and I enjoyed every second of the turmoil.

Then I married him…and I had this depressing moment where I realized that there was no more love story to look forward to, I had mine. I felt lucky I had only one, and that it was truly a great love story (though hardly anyone knows but still….what was I going to look forward to and dream about now? I truly thought I would never be able to read a romance again with the same sense I had before my own story….

Then I picked up Twilight…I’ve discussed this before, but I picked it up out of a mix of long hours commuting and curiosity over it’s popularity. There are things about this book that would make me hate it…the fact that the writing is amateur, the whiny teenage girl aspect, the seriousness of the love story so quickly…but somehow…it did the opposite. It made me remember my own love story and what was so great about it…and as odd as it sounds, it made me fall in love again with the idea of falling in love. I sound like a sap, and it’s pretty embarrassing but despite it’s high degree of ridiculousness, I seriously love these books.

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