Daily Archives July 18, 2010

Letting Go

A strange thing has been happening to me over the last month.  After 2.5 years of unexplained infertility, I think I just might be finally letting go. The first inkling of this came a few days after we returned from my husband’s 40th birthday cruise in mid June.  We had spent a week with good…

My baby boy is 4!!

Where did the last 4 years go?! It seems like such a blur at points now, and it makes me kind of sad. Seamus is such a silly, goofy, helping (at times, lol), wild and crazy boy. I love him so much and want him to stay little forever. It makes me sad thinking that…

Five Years

Five years ago today, Jeff and I eloped. We packed up the Honda, drove to Vegas, and walked down the aisle of the Little Church of the West. Jeff introduced our Southern minister to the breaking of the glass and taught him how to pronounce Mazel Tov. Our friends and family watched along at home…

The Gender Question

I have made a slightly selfish decision. In just over 2 weeks, we will be finding out if this baby is a little girl or boy. I am really excited and looking forward to it so much, but there’s one thing that’s getting me down, and that is the thought of other people’s reactions. It…

Smacksy Sunday Links

I love books. I love the feel. I love the smell. I love bookstores and libraries. I’ve long envisioned living in a home with floor to ceiling bookshelves and one of those attached rolling ladders like the one in My Fair Lady. So I adore this site I’ve just discovered, courtesy of The Diversion Project….


We saw GI today, and he’s on board with the other doctors on getting the ball rolling with the G-tube. Ava will get a PEG tube at first, then go to a low profile (AMT) button 12 wks after PEG placement. She’ll stay in-patient for 4 days or so. I’ll let everyone know when I…