Daily Archives July 31, 2010

Soccer Camp: Friday

“So… Soccer Camp today, Buddy? It’s the last day…” “There is too much action there. And running around. And dirt.” “I thought that those were all good things.” “I’d rather get my running dirt from home today.” “Sounds like we’ve got a plan.”

Started The Morning Off Right…

1. Why are the seventh graders (main characters) in Pretty Little Liars like…eighteen? And their boyfriends are twenty-five? This is ridiculous. Okay, and one of them just asked another girl out on a date. Again, this is seventh grade? 2. I got a job. A real paying job that I do while sitting on my…


We just got home from another stay at Children’s.  Ava’s blood glucose levels were 41, so she was admitted for a few days.  Genetics says this is how Mito effects some children – dysmotility and hypoglycemia.  She’s having the big muscle biopsy at the same time as her gtube placement.  We’ll find out more when the…

Saturday Snapshots

I just had to share, because I can’t remember if I told you all or not, but we now have a crawler.  Baby B turned 10 months on July 26th, and she started to crawl on July 19th, I believe it was. It’s funny, Sister E never crawled; she went from sitting up to running,…

GIMP 102

In Gimp 101 I went through the basic color corrections and edits you can do with a photograph in GIMP. But what if you want to do things like a cool vintage color, or black and white, or a sepia tone- or exposure correction….without lightroom, then this is for you. I’ll be honest, I would…

A month in – life as a Mommy of two

It has now been a month (well 1 month, 2 days to be precise!) since I went from being the Mommy of one little princess to the M0mmy of two, and what a change it has been!!!!! The biggest thing I have noticed is how hard it can be to try to share out the…