Computers & Sibling LOVE

The kids have a new awareness about them. I think we have officially entered a new phase of development. Between the pretend play and the ability to actually focus on something that requires brain energy to figure out for longer than a split second, the results are interesting. Not only that but they are completely affectionate towards one another & us. They are constantly asking for hugs when they need comfort and stick up for one another or simply just enjoy cuddling together.

I managed to snap these pics the other morning, right after the kids got out of bed and were waiting for breakfast. I couldn’t believe what I saw! Ian & Sofi totally cuddled up together playing with their laptops. Mind you, these laptops have not held their interest longer than a few minutes at a time but now that they ‘get’ what they are suppose to do with them, it is a whole new world of discovery!

Now tell me this isn’t what all mommies dream of?!?

Could they be more comfortable? Ok, could Ian not be any more comfortable?

Really enjoying it!

Gabi decided to get in on the action so she got her computer & climbed up on the couch.

The changes happening are indescribable. Seeing 3 beautiful babies develop right before your eyes, discovering new things & letting their imagination run wild is an experience I wouldn’t change for the world. What a special time for us & the kids!

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