This is the metaphorical picture of my summertime life.  Except the pig actually gets to lie down.

Whoever wrote that song that goes, “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy,” obviously didn’t have five children.  I have never felt so busy in my life.  I got so behind on grocery shopping that breakfast today was chocolate chip cookies and juice boxes.  No joke.  Oh wait!  One lucky child did get to toast a random loose waffle that had tumbled to the bottom of the freezer.  Score!

Today I sucked it up and got all of my groceries at once which is awesome –  mostly because nothing gives me a better high than spending $300 on 20 plastic shopping bags of food that I know will disappear in approximately 72 hours.  In between I dropped off kids at lessons, picked up kids from sleepovers, shuttled the little people to a sitter (to lessen the insanity), and fit in a couple more necessary errands.

Once home I had to order the troops to unload the groceries while Larissa emptied the refrigerator faster than we could fill it.  Eliza was attempting to rearrange the condiments on the door and in the process unloaded a bottle of soy sauce all over herself and the floor.  Did I mention that we’re potty training Kellan as well?  So…while my produce and meats sweated it out on the kitchen floor, I was ran around with a container of sour cream in one hand and soy-soaked paper towels in the other  trying to locate the Elmo potty ring.

Right now I have literally locked the doors on the children in order to get 5 uninterrupted moments of peace.  And so I can fold one of the 4 piles of clean laundry piled up on the mudroom floor.   I’m still in my sweaty tennis clothes from this morning and the lawn needs to be mowed before one of the kids gets lost in the front yard.

Somewhere in here I need to feed the kids dinner.

I’m thinking microwave popcorn.

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