Finally, I think we have all made it over the sickness around this house! I think we still have the bit of the after affects, but we are getting there!  The other side of the road is finally starting to look clearer.

It was a rough go there for a bit though, because first Big Sister J had strep and we tried not to pass it along, but somehow or another we still do.  But it went to DH first, which was really weird.  His started in his chest and then the next day his throat was hurting and the whole nine yards.  After that it went to Baby B. Could never tell with her though, wasn’t sure if it was teething or sick.  Last Saturday Baby B woke up and just didn’t seem right and she had a slight temperature, so I headed to the doctors and come to find out she had ear infection and Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.  Ugh Really?  Guess what then DH got Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease and then I did.  Seriously?  How the heck does that happen.

Anyway, I ended up losing my voice and couldn’t talk for 3 days and was just overly exhausted.  I just couldn’t keep up, life was falling down around me.  I don’t know what was up! By the 3rd day of not being able to talk, I had enough and left work early and headed to the doctor.  At this time, I had strep and a sinus infection.  So, finally I am getting over it and don’t wake up feeling like I can’t breath, which is the absolute worse.

And there is nothing worse then being sick when the temperatures here in VA have been over the 100’s.  OMG that is the worst.

But, I’m back and sorry for the quietness here!  Hope all is well and I have missed you guys.  Leave me some love!

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