Good, Bad, and Downright Strange Ways to Naturally Induce Labor…

Okay, so every day now I’m getting asked if the baby has popped yet, and every day I cry a little more when I say NO. But as part of that journey, I’ve been told many, many ways I can naturally induce labor, from the standard “have sex” and “take long walks” to the downright strange… I’ve even been sent links to recipes that are supposedly supposed to help labor get started!

So I’m going to post them all here for you to read. Oh what fun!

Some of these seem normal… Some are a bit odd… And some are just plain out there, but I’ll put a disclaimer here. I do NOT endorse using ANY of these methods to get your baby to come out. Use your own common sense, and talk to your doctor, OB, or midwife before trying any of these methods. If you’re high-risk (or even having a normal pregnancy) many of these things can cause complications and problems.

Basically, this post is JUST FOR FUN – I’m not a doctor!

The normal :

– Go for walks

– Eat spicy food

– Have sex

– Talk to baby

– Bounce on a birth ball, or go for a bumpy car ride

– Relax with a warm bath, or even a glass of wine (yes, any alcohol you consume goes to baby – talk to your doctor first! Although most experts agree, one glass is safe at this stage with dinner, and may help you relax!)

– Drink red raspberry leaf tea (might not put you into labor, but reportedly makes labor easier!)

– Take evening primrose oil (same as above.)

The eyebrow raising :

– Eat Eggplant Parmesan using this recipe

– Eat Labor Cookies

– Eat Kraft Dinner with Heinz 57 sauce

– Wear your nicest panties (this guarantees your water will break in them… LOL)

– Give hubby some, uh, “special kind of lovin’ ” – apparently oral doses of prostaglandins (a hormone found in semen) are 10x more powerful than they are when given vaginally (i.e. during sex)

The potentially dangerous (but supposedly effective):

– Drink castor oil with orange juice (this can cause baby to pass meconium – ONLY do it under the recommendation and supervision of a midwife, OB or doctor!)

– Nipple stimulation (can cause over-stimulation of the uterus – ONLY do it under the recommendation and supervision of a midwife, OB or doctor!)

– Use acupressure – either 4 finger widths above your ankle bone on the inside of your leg, in the webbing between your thumb and index finger, or on your Achilles tendon (if baby hasn’t dropped yet). These aren’t really *dangerous* per-se, unless you try them before baby is due – but apparently they can be very effective!

So there you go, those are all the things I’ve found that can help you start labor – both the normal, the bizarre, and the downright dangerous. Once again, don’t do ANY of these things without your doctor or midwife knowing! You need to be under supervision with a lot of these techniques, because if they do cause labor or any complications, they’ll need to know.

Good luck, mommas-to-be!

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