In Protest (Since we’re entitled that)

You know – like the way we’re entitled to our opinions.

I have opinions on many many things, very strong opinions on most. This includes breastfeeding.

I am all for breastfeeding. This includes nursing in public. Many of you know my stance on breastfeeding isn’t the best. I’m for it and I agree that, for the most part, it is what is best for your baby. I applaud those who nurse for as long as their child wants to. I was ecstatic with how well Belly picked up on it, and heartbroken when she self-weaned at 4-ish months, even though it turned out that not nursing was extremely better for her. I’m also pretty vocal on the fact that giving your child formula or a bottle is just as good. I actually take an even stronger stance on that. Does this mean I think that mothers should not nurse their babies in public, or that if they do so they should be as covered or as away from people as possible? No. Does this mean I think you should just give your baby a bottle of breast milk or formula instead? No. It’s your right to provide nutrition for your child in the way you feel is best when your child is hungry. It’s your responsibility to mind the health of your child. Nursing a baby in a bathroom is just flat out unsanitary. Making them stay covered, with even the lightest of blankets, when they are hot and miserable is not healthy. It will upset them, keep them from getting the nutrition they need (because they’re too busy being upset), and think of how smothering that would be. The baby will already be warm pressed against you; imagine adding a cocoon of a blanket. I don’t think so.

I’m sure everyone and their momma has already blogged about and shared this link, but here’s what prompted this post: Russ and Lisa in the Morning: June 6. Fast-forward 6-ish minutes in.  That lady just disgusts me. Yeah, we’re all entitled to our opinions. We’re also all blessed with a brain. She obviously doesn’t realize it. If she did, she would realize some opinions are better left unsaid. Am I saying people shouldn’t share their less than savory opinions? Hell no. I’m full of them, and I share them all the time. But, am I someone who represents a whole area of people with a radio show and website that potentially thousands of people will hear? No. If nothing else, she should have kept her mouth shut and thought about the sponsors of her show and how the heads of the stations will react when they have to deal with the fall out of her poop fest. Common sense. Use it.

Now for my protest, and I do so hope others will join me. Create a blog post with a picture of you nursing (or, if you never nursed – just state you support it – if you do support it that is) and add this link:
Breastfeeding State Laws
Add the laws that apply to where you live, bolding any that deal with the issue of nursing in public.

Thank you!

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