I’ve been banned

That’s right. I’ve been banned from News Word Radio’s Facebook page. I never attacked anyone, I didn’t post profanity, I didn’t threaten anyone, nor did I post obscene photos, yet I was banned. I believe I was banned because I posted this photo of my Grandmother nursing my Mother in 1948:

There is nothing obscene, disgusting or gross about this photo. You can’t see any portion of my Grandmother’s breast, yet it was deleted almost immediately after I posted it to their Facebook page. Honestly, I probably spent a bit too much time there today anyway, so it might be a good thing that I can no longer comment to such stupid things like:
I shouldn’t care about this since I don’t live in South Carolina (where this radio station is). Really? I don’t have a right to comment on an issue that I feel strongly about simply because I don’t live in the state where the negative comments were made? That logic escapes me.
Nursing in a restroom is no different than using the restroom. That one is actually too idiotic to respond to.
I have no problem with nursing in public as long as it’s done with manners and discretely. Lisa Rollins feels that nursing in public (at all) is in bad taste, should be outlawed, and is gross. How do her feelings trump that of a hungry baby?
Nursing in public is protected by law in most states, and is is actually exempt from public indecency laws in more than half. Want to know what your state has to say about nursing in public? Check out this site:
Maryland’s law reads:
§ 20-801.
(a) A mother may breast-feed her child in any public or private location in which the mother and child are authorized to be.
(b) A person may not restrict or limit the right of a mother to breast-feed her child.

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  • Rachel! You rebel! I’m so proud of you! Also, can I say that picture is such a precious thing for someone to have from their family history x