My Biggest Smartphone Obstacle: Typing

Yesterday we went to our homeschool group meeting. We were having an indoor play date. The kids were contained and Kelly was with me so I thought I would get on my Motorola Cliq and do some stuff. I was so happy to be able to get stuff done while my kids played. Unfortunately, I am very slow at typing on my phone so after a while I got frustrated and decided to just hang out instead.

This is not how I want things to be though. I want to be a speedy typer so I can USE my phone. If I can’t type fast on my phone or if it takes me thirty minutes to type out two sentences, my phone isn’t going to be all that useful to me. Sure, I can play games and check my Facebook updates, but I want to be able to do more than that with my phone. So I have made it my mission to figure out the best way to type faster on my phone.

My phone comes with a QWERTY keyboard and there is a touch screen keyboard too. I usually use the QWERTY keyboard but I type really, really slow with it. I am not sure how much of this is just that I need practice. I know when I started using the internet I wasn’t a super speedy typer like I am now. I have only had my phone a little while so I am not sure if I just have to get the hang of it or if there is a faster way to type. I am also supposed to have a predictive text but I am not sure how this works or if I need to change a setting or something. I know when I used my sister’s phone, it would help you with word suggestions and at the moment my phone is not doing this. I am going to investigate this some more and get back to you on that.

In my effort to become a speedier smartphone typer, I have installed a new app. It’s called Swype. Apparently, they have this Swype technology on a lot of the android phones but it didn’t come with mine so I just downloaded it. It is free and looks cool. I just downloaded it today and played with it a little. I can’t decide if I like it better than the keyboard I have now or not. I am going to do some more keyboard exploring and see if I can find some more tips and tricks on typing fast on a smartphone. Hopefully, by my next post I will be typing faster and have some tips to share with you.

For you girls that have had a smartphone a while do you have any tips or tricks to share? Do I just need more practice or are there some tricks I should know about?

*As part of Best Buy’s sponsorship of JustMommies Astrid, HeatherW and I have received a smartphone for free. We will be sharing our experience with our phones with you over the course of the next few weeks.

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