My Map App

Hmmmm, I thought it was cool to use Mapquest on the internet to get from point A to point B. Well, I figured out how to use my Map App (tee-hee…that sounds funny) and I gotta say, it rocks! It really wasn’t that difficult to figure out, once I had some time to sit down and check it out.

Ah, the eluded time factor. You know, having triplets and a little business can really put a dent in to time. I have a feeling even more of it is going to disappear as both sets of grandparents will be gone for the next month!

BUT, like I was saying, the Map App is awesome. It was really cool to use. As always, I like to plan ahead. This meant sitting down and putting in the address of my friend’s home, Susan, in to my phone the night before we were going over there. She has triplets 6.5 months younger than the kids. It was the first time I would be going to see her new house.

There are a couple of neat features that the Map App has. First, it can give you just the location you type in. That is useful if you know the area you are going to. I didn’t opt for this one. I actually got directions from our house to hers. I had to tweak the directions a bit as it took the long way there BUT it was still very useful.

Even better? You could toggle back and forth from the written directions to a map view. I’m so much better with maps. It made the trip super easy! This is probably one of the coolest features of my phone. I know I may be a bit behind everyone else and I know GPS systems exist but the truth of the matter is, I don’t need a GPS system in my car. I hardly spend time in it although I have to say, that time has been increasing as the kids get older. This is the PERFECT option for a mommy in my shoes.

*As part of Best Buy’s sponsorship of JustMommies pattyandthemoos, HeatherW and I have received a smartphone for free. We will be sharing our experience with our phones with you over the course of the next few weeks.

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