Started The Morning Off Right…

1. Why are the seventh graders (main characters) in Pretty Little Liars like…eighteen? And their boyfriends are twenty-five? This is ridiculous. Okay, and one of them just asked another girl out on a date. Again, this is seventh grade?

2. I got a job. A real paying job that I do while sitting on my butt and saying, “NO, Michael – stop playing with the computer cords.” I’m doing a website for Evolution Machining & Fabrication, Inc. Basically, they make repairable heim joints- and I’m making them an awesome website. I hope this keeps up.

3. The dog pooped in the house today, then the baby picked it up and handed it to me when I came out of the bathroom. I might have screamed – loudly.

4. I’m pretty sure one of the actors on this Pretty Little Liars has laugh lines…one of the seventh graders.

5. Yeah, she does.

6. The heat finally broke.

7. I need to re-write my book. I really need another round of betas, but I am a little exhausted just thinking about it.

8. The reason: I learned that, “I liked it, but was not excited enough about it to sell it,” means, “I don’t think I can sell this.”

9. Does my main character need crow’s feet to sell this?

10. I guess I need to get started….

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