Very lucky. Very Lucky indeed

I know that I am very lucky. I just sometimes forget at times just how so and wallow in self pity and the whole “woe is me” attitude. It really is ridiculous how I get–pathetic actually. But the good thing is that something always happens to make me realize that I am acting ridiculous. Sometimes, I just have to remind myself how easy life truly is for me. Yes, bad things have happened, but like my Mom has said in certain circumstances, but applies pretty much always…”If that’s as bad as it is, then you have it easy”. Yes, sometimes I get angry when this is pointed out because I want to be angry/upset and want someone to agree with me, but I do need to hear it.

Today, I had one of those moments where I said to myself, “Man, life is good.” I have mentioned before about my father passing away in 2007 and my husband’s father passed away in 1978. Jay’s mom lives in NY so basically, my boys have Granny. There are no great grandparents either and we all know how all important the job of grandparent is to a child. I mean, who else does the stuff a parent won’t, right? So, it’s a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. Well, we have been friends with this family for years and years. I believe we met them when I was 3 or 4 and I am much older now 😉 They have taken my boys and my sister’s children on as surrogate grandchildren and it’s awesome. The man is Fat Daddy and the woman, the kids call Memaw. Fat Daddy was a huge help to me while babysitting and took Troy to and from school when needed. Of course, he had to spoil him rotten and take him out to eat as well and usually buy a “special prize” after, along with letting him drink chocolate milk. Stuff we NEVER do for him. Sure I take him out, but no buying special prizes or chocolate milk from me! Today, Fat Daddy picked him up and took him fishing and out to lunch. Made Troy’s day! It’s all he talked about before they went and after they got back. He never gets to do that with us and it was just the two of them. How special is that! Will’s feelings were very hurt because he tried to climb in the truck with them and got upset he couldn’t go. He just kept saying “Fa da da” over and over 🙁 So we met them for lunch so he could get some time with Fat Daddy too. They spoil them rotten, just like Granny does, but it’s wonderful for my boys too to have them in their lives and ours too. It’s just one of those things I forget at times and take for granted, but we really do have the best people surrounding us. Like they say….It takes a village and we have a great one here.

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