Back To School.

I love back to school.

I do not have a child in school. I am not in school.

So really, back to school does not affect my life in any way shape or form, but I stalk the back to school aisles. I buy binders and note paper and glory in the notebook selection.

Back to school gives me a chance to indulge my paper fetish – and get more organized. It’s better than New Years!

In light of back to school organizing, here is my hyper organized indulgence:

Now- there are women who use binders and planner things and like, really use them. I am not one of those people. I have this one, and it’s really helpful for me – as you will see – but I don’t use it everyday. Sometimes weeks go by before I need to open it. I just like having the protection. I don’t know if that’s the right word, but okay… When I worked at Georgetown, during the summer (before back to school), I’d spend the entire summer updating my manuals. I had three 2 inch binders minutely documenting every single task I could ever do throughout the year. That way, if I died and a temp was brought in to replace me, they would have the most accurate, organized instructions to do my job. Basically, I made myself highly replaceable, but my lack of office savvy is neither here nor there.

So, this binder changes all the time. As I start doing different things, it gets updated to hold onto the scraps of my life.

I have routines actually printed up. But listen – I don’t really have a routine. Does that make sense? I like having a sense of control over my day, but I’m perfectly okay with not living by it…

Having this stuff makes me feel…at ease.

I have a page with a couple verses about work on it. I pretty much hate housework, so I try to remind myself that work is something that’s good. Even housework.

Speaking of housework, this section is actually quite handy and useful for me.

This is a sheet I use all the time. For some reason, it’s much easier for me to mentally handle the idea of “cleaning” with a list that I can check off. I think it gives me satisfaction in the middle of the most unsatisfying tasks. I use a sheet protector and write on it in dry erase marker that way I can keep re-using the same sheet.

If I do five chores a day, I’ll have my entire house cleaned spotless within the week. It’s actually a great system – you know – if I did it. I do sometimes…

I have a checklist for more intense cleaning. I really only do that twice a year, in October and April. That way my baseboards get cleaned at least twice a year. Theoretically.
Next section is Projects:

I use the plastic dividers for the main sections, but within projects, for example, I have a couple different sections. To break those up, I use the thinner card stock dividers.

I keep time sheets for websites, lists of thing I need to fix (but haven’t yet). I keep Photograph or editing tutorials in here, and underneath Blog, I keep a list of posting ideas.

Don’t be fooled by my awesome charting skills, I’m a terrible gardener. Something about watering?

This is more than just a budget (although I have that in here). The most useful part of this section is a list of upcoming expenses, like in the next six months.

I also keep a list of gift ideas. That way, when it’s Christmas, I’m not fumbling around with absolutely no idea what to get people.

Oh goody. My favorite.

This looks delicious, but probably won’t ever happen in my house. I also keep stock menu’s in here for when I’m completely devoid of ability to plan a week of meals. I keep a month’s worth of rotating menu’s based on season.

And finally, we have books- stuff for my writing.

Like my ongoing editing list. There’s stuff on the back too. I think re-writing is more work than writing.

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