The Mommy Belly Diaries: Start Week Two

This week I have a couple things on my agenda:

1. Balance out my nutrition a little more.
2. Find ways to make gym cardio bearable.
3. Knock out the strength stuff earlier in the day.

The weather is back up into the upper nineties again so I’m really loathing the idea of doing anything outside.
Here is my list of exercises this week.

At Home:

At The Gym:
  • Band Assisted Chinup
  • Inverted Row

My mom read this thing once- you can easily eat away all your progress in a couple hours, but once you exercise, you have that muscle for much longer. The scale might not move very quickly, but I know my body is moving faster. I’m trying to remember all that so I don’t give up.
P.S. I’m glad I made this public here- so much more is at stake, and it really encourages me to see the comments, both here and on JM. Whoop whoop!

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