The preparations begin!

I’ve decided that I will put Emersyn in Gaby’s room, once she’s in her cot.  Eventually the girls are going to have to share anyway, and I think that whenever I do make that happen, there will be little issues that arise, so why not just get it out of the way now-ish.  So today, Gaby & I tackled the bomb site that is her room.  There were clothes everywhere, toys everywhere, and books in all remaining clear spaces… took quite some time, but we eventually got there.  It’s a little bit of a tight squeeze, but I don’t plan on being in my house that much longer, so it’ll do for the time being!

Now I just need to find out when I can get the cot.  A friend of a friend is giving me hers, and they are currently on holiday in Australia – and keep extending their holiday.  It’s getting to the stage where Emersyn is starting to get a little big for her bassinet –  so I’d really like to be able to have her in her cot within the next two or three weeks, if not sooner.

Seems like just yesterday I was setting up the bassinet in my room, in preparation for Emersyn’s arrival.. and now I’m getting ready to set up her cot!  My baby is growing up [too fast]!

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